Glass workshops

We offer furnace glassblowing - like on Netflix) workshops as well as well as flame working- making miniatures: animals / plants / necklace ornaments

Furnace Workshops

Length: 1 hour / 2 hour / 3 hour
Dynamic: Team work. Making 1 piece per hour per station together.
Minimum per station: 2 participants. Up to 3 stations
Total glass pieces made: 1 per hour per station
What you'll make: A cup / bowl / vase / plant pot / light fixture. 1 per station per hour together (not each of you)
Price per couple (1 stations): 1 hour: 850 NIS, 2 hours: 1,250 NIS, 3hours: 1,650 NIS
Additional person without adding a station: 1 hour: 120 NIS, 2 hours: 190 NIS, 3 hours: 250 NIS

Scroll through the photos to see the process and products you can make

There's a 10% addition to the price on weekends / holidays
Shipping in Israel is included in the price. Special delivery to TLV in 4 days - 250 NIS, shipping to US - 750 NIS

Flame Working Workshops

Length: 1.5 / 3 hours
Dynamic: Each participant has their own flame thrower and makes their own glass miniature. 1 per 1.5 hours
Participants: 2-6. We'll have an option for more in the future
What you'll make: Animal / flower miniatures / necklace ornaments. 1 per torch per 1.5 hours so 2 for all of you together in the 1.5 hour workshop and 4 in the 3 hour workshop
Price per couple: 600 for 1.5 hours. 900 for 3 hour. Additional 80 NIS per every additional person

Scroll through the photos to see the process and products you can make

Plus 10% to prices on weekends / holidays

Prices include

Entrance to the Caesarea port
Your private instructor
Furnace / flame thrower

Paletas - fruit ices

In furnace workshops - shipping to an Israeli address. Arrives in 2-3 weeks

You'll take your glass from the flame working workshop 30 minutes after the workshop

How Many Stations Do You Need?

Furnace workshops

A station includes a furnace, instructor and a glassblowing bench. Usually 2-5 of you can work at a single station together in team work. The minimum for a station is 2 and max is 30. But it's always private - only your own group. Usually up to 6-8 participants take 1 station. If you want to spoil yourself - add stations. More stations = more people active at any given moment and you make more glass pieces. But even with 30 people and a single station you'll be happy and will have a great time.

Flame Working Workshops
A station per participant. At the moment we have 2 torches so the workshops are only for two

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Restaurants at the port

In the Caesarea ancient port there are a few restaurants - 1-3 minutes from the studio. Aresto, HaZalbanim and Port Cafe are Kosher and are not open on Saturdays. Limani, Helena and the Beach Bar are not Kosher and are open on Saturdays. Click the restaurant logos to see their menus


Yes – age 5 and up

Our workshops are always private. If you’re a small number – there might be a separate workshop next to you with their instructor – making their own glass

Yes. See the different descriptions of the different workshops to see your options

We work 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm