Glassblowing courses

Get to know our magical material up close and inflate glass with sea around. In the course you will get to know the basics of blowing – the materials, the utensils, the ovens and of course – the technique

The course will buy you a professional base in glassblowing, And come out with a variety of tools you have created yourself. In addition, after a course you can inflate in the studio at a reduced cost

The courses is held in pairs. Ten sessions – details of the syllabus at the bottom of the page. Each session – 3 hours. Private instructor, private oven, course partner, Yam and you. The cost of the course – 6,000 NIS per participant

:The price includes

– Raw materials (colored and clear glass) – Using a cold workshop to polish your works in the course (in addition to / beyond the course hours) – Beer + coffee – Individual cache card (free admission to the Nature and Parks Authority sites for one year) Registration at 0538205475

Safety at work (glasses, removal of warming items, sleeves and gloves)

Familiarity with furnaces and tools. Reactor, Glory, Aniler, Reactor-Glory, Inflatable Bench, Pipes, Fonts, Tweezers, Scissors, Diamond Numbers, Newspaper, Taglio, Jacks

Collecting glass on a phonetic and creating a stringer

Collecting glass and creating a caterpillar using jacks and marking disconnect lines. Including eyes from the Stringer. Download to the relaxation oven

Paper weights (collection, color collection, cuts, twist, leaf / flame, additional collection, shape arrangement, cut-off line and lower to the relaxation oven

Initial recognition of the cold workshop

Arranging material collected on a pipe with the help of a marble – preparation for a bubble

Issuing a first bubble

Bubble outlet control and wall thickness

Second collection

Collect paint by immersion (powder or granules)

Shoulder inflation

Inflating heart / vessel for air growth / ball for hanging

Collecting and creating phonetics

Inflating a bubble and transferring it to a pontoon

Bubble transfer game from font to font

Cylinder creation – first cup

Transfer to a phonetic and lower to the relaxation oven

Creating a first vase, controlling the height, width and shape of the bubble

Bubble extension in oscillation

Dyeing by smearing

Crackle painting

Transfer to a phonetic band, tighten the lip and lower to the relaxation oven

Blowing into a bowl

Random coloring

Lip Wrap

Create a plate using a centrifuge

Glassblowing in the studio / mold prepared by the participants in advance

Wood / plaster / metal mold / optical mold

Flower sculpture with a stem glued with hot glue

Animal creation / sculpted personal creation

Glassblowing in a jar

Nozzle formation

Handle connection

Glassblowing personal creation

The class is a safety test for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the participants and the safety and integrity of the equipment

Successful passing of the lesson is an opportunity to rent the studio for personal work by the hour