Glassblowing courses

Get to know our magical material up close and blow glass by the sea. In the course you will get to know the basics of blowing – the material, the equipment and basic  techniques

In the course you’ll learn the basics of glassblowing, make some glass and after the course you’ll be able to come and blow at the studio either with assistance (same price as course hours) or without our staff’s assistance – for a reduced fee

The courses are for couples (come as a couple or we’ll try and pair you with someone)

Price is 6,000 NIS per participant


:The price includes

-Materials (colored and clear glass). Using a cold-shop to polish your works in the course (in addition to / outside of the course hours) + coffee & cookies – Individual Matmon card (free entrance to the National parks in Israel for 1 year)

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Safety at work

Get familiar with our furnaces and tools. Large furnace, Glory, Aneeler, Bench, Pipes, Pontees, Tweezers, Scissors, Diamond Sheers, Newspaper, Taglio, Jacks

Collect glass on a punty and create a stringer

Collect glass and create a caterpillar using jacks to mark lines. Make eyes from the Stringer you’ve made. Disconnect to the aneeler

Paper weights – use color, cut, twist, shape and disconnect glass

Get to know the cold shop

Gather glass on a pipe and shape it for making a bubble

Blow your first bubble

Control bubble and wall thickness

Second collection

Collect color

Blow bubble ‘shoulders’

Inflating heart / bubble with dent  / decorative piece

Collecting and creating punties

Inflating a bubble and transferring it to a punty – punty & bubble game

First cylinder & cup

Creating a first vase, controlling the height, width and shape of the bubble

Color with hot bit

Blow a bowl

Random coloring

Lip Wrap

Create a plate using centrifugal force

Glassblowing into different moulds

Making a flower

Making an animal

Making a pitcher (Jug in British English)

Open lesson – each participant blows a piece of their own choice