Glassblowing workshop - Speculo Caesarea - ספקולו

Glassblowing Workshops - Furnace

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Glassblowing is a team-work thing. Make 1 glass piece together per hour per stations

Examples of glass from workshops

Prices includes entrance to the ancient port, a private instructor, private furnace, coffee, juice, cookies, and shipping of your glass to 1 Israel address. The glass will arrive 2-3 weeks after the workshop

Shipping in Israel of your glass is included and takes 2-3 weeks

Quicker options 1) Pickup from the studio 3-4 days after the workshop (free)

2) Special delivery to TLV 5 days after the workshop - 250 NIS

3) Special delivery to JLM 5 days after the workshop - 300 NIS

4) Abroad shipping: 650 NIS

How many stations do you need for your workshop?

A station includes a furnace, an instructor and a glassblowing bench of your own. Usually you'll have 2-5 of you working together at once at a station (your group only) at any given moment. The minimum for a station is 2 participants. The maximum for a workshop is 30. Usually groups of up to 6-8 participants tak 1 station. If you want to be more involved and make more glass pieces you can take 2-3 stations. More stations = more glass pieces and more people involved at once. With larger groups the dinamic turns into an interactive demonstration dinamic. You'll be very happy even with 30 people and one station.



הכניסו מספר משתתפים וראו את האפשרויות והמחירים

Restaurants in the port

Within the harbor there are several restaurants between a minute and two minutes walk from the studio. Aresto and the Crusaders are kosher and do not work on Shabbat. The rest of the restaurants are open on Saturdays. Click on the logo to go to the restaurant sites

Restaurants at the Caesarea Port

There are several restaurants at the Caesarea Port, less than a 2 minute walk from Speculo. Port Cafe, Aresto and HaZalbanim are Kosher and are closed on Saturdays. The rest are open on Saturdays. Click the restaurant logos to go to their websites.


Of course. You can also combine the workshop in a full day of activity in Caesarea

Yes. The workshops include some beverages and cookies. If you want to add something to eat – feel free to bring your own additions. Our place is perfect for celebrations

The workshops are private. If you are 10 or more – you’ll be alone. If you are less than 10 – we allow more workshops to happen at the same time – with separate stations and separate instructors. We allow up to 10 participants of different workshops to have workshops at once

Yes. You’ll make 1 glass piece together per hour per station. You can make a cup / bowl / vase / plant pot / light fixture / pitcher / sculpture

Yes. We do. On weekends and holidays there’s a 10% addition to our prices. Hours and availability can be checked on our online booking system

Depends on availability. Sometimes we’ll be booked months ahead for a specific time and sometimes we can book a workshop from today to tomorrow